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Congregational Church

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Two early undated photos of the Congregational Church on the common.


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Congregational Church



The Congregational Church is a part of the great history of Granby!  The Church was founded in 1762, six years before Granby became a town.  The Congregational Church hired a man named Mr. Reverend Backus.  They had hired him to be a preacher at the time of the Revolutionary War.  The Church had to pay for supplies.  The Church had less and less money to pay him.  Soon the Church couldn’t pay him so he left.  The Church of Christ building was built in 1821.  The Chapel was built in 1841.  In 1890 they used the Chapel as a high school.  The Church is around today and is located on the common.  The church is still used as a church today.  The Congregational Church also owns the common.  It is on the common because it is a very important building and that was the center of town.  The Congregational Church is a fantastic historic place in town.





An interior photo of the church's organ.






Present day photos of the Congregational Church.









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