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Town House

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Present day pictures of the Granby Historical Association's Town House (formerly the White Schoolhouse).



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Town House (White School House)



          The Town House is a historic site in Granby.  In 1822, the people of Granby voted to take down the old Meeting House.  When the old Meeting House was taken down, they used some of its parts to build the Town House.  It was used for a town hall, a jail, a one room school house, and a town clerk’s office.  It also may have been used for a stop on the Underground Railroad.  The Town House had no running water and toilets were out back, which forced the children in class to wait, especially in winter.  The custodian had to bring water to the Town House from Kellogg Hall, because it did not have any running water.  The building is located near the common.  It is now used for the Granby Historical Association and it shows displays of Granby history.




                         Town House in 1940                                             Town House in 1960



 A class photo of students at the Town House (White School House). 

Photo and caption are from the Images of America: Granby book.




The present day West Street School (elementary), as pictured in 1942.






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