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Kellogg Hall

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         Kellogg Hall as pictured in 1890.                     Kellogg Hall in 1908.



Kellogg Hall


     Kellogg Hall is a great historical place in Granby.  This building was built in 1890.  It was used as a high school, an elementary school, and the Town Hall.  It is south of the Catholic Church on the common.  It was a school until 1941 when West Street School was built.  In 1891 the citizens voted for a public library for the town to be in Kellogg Hall.  Later they built a new library in 1917 because the room in Kellogg Hall was too small.  Did you know Granby had a town bell?  The Philadelphia bell is just like the town hall’s bell, but Granby’s bell isn’t cracked.  No one knows exactly where this bell came from but it came to Granby in 1912.  The town bell used to ring at 9 am for the school.  The bell weighs about a ton and a half and is held in place by a cast-iron yoke.  Kellogg Hall is still used as the Town Hall today. 





Kellogg Hall in 1917.





Granby Liberty Bell in Kellogg Hall.




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Kellogg Hall (Town Hall) today.





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