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Critical Questions

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As our class studied and explored the history of Granby several questions came to mind.  Below are some of the important questions we came up with and answers that we thought of during group and class discussions.  


1.  How has our town changed over the past century?


  • buildings have different uses now
  • more houses and more people living in town
  • less farming
  • more and bigger businesses and stores
  • people are driving in cars now instead of walking or horses
  • people are more dependent on stores instead of making things at home


2.  Why does it seem like there were fewer trees a century ago in Granby? 


  • more open land for farming
  • more products and items made from wood
  • wood was used to heat homes



3.  How has the Five Corners part of the town changed?


  • it is now the busiest part of town, but a century ago the busiest spot was the probably the town common
  • there used to be many farms and open land, now there are stores, a gas station, a traffic light, and lots of cars on a busy main road
  • it seems like Five Corners is now the center of town instead of the town common because stores and driving are more important now





4.  Why did Granby have so many schools a century ago?


  • transportation a century ago would be walking or horse so students needed to be closer to the school, especially in bad weather
  • now we have school buses so students don't have to live so close to the school
  • with less students they could have one-room schools houses a century ago
  • today with more students bigger schools are needed






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